Sign of the apocalypse?


Viva Papa!
It sounds like Pope Benedict XVI will not actually have all that much to do with his twitter account. And, I think that's for the best--I cannot believe how rude some people are today! I hope he doesn't get bashed, and regret his attempt at openness. I wish I was on Twitter so I could tell him every day that I love him and am praying for him, and wish him well.
I think that's hilarious! And pretty cool.
Well if the Heretics and Papists can print abuse at each other on broadsheets we can do it on Twitter.

Of course that time broadsheets led to broadsides.
Tweet from Rome
"Whaddup, peeps? Been dealing with a crabby wife again. Not! LMAO @Protestants."
Benedict will need to learn some new lingo for his English tweets. I remember someone--Ricky Martin, I think--talking about his mom learning about texting and emailing. She had a hard time with some of the terms. For instance, she thought "LOL" meant "lots of love." One day, she wrote to Ricky to tell him that a beloved relative had passed away. She added, "LOL."
He might post some new theses on his Facebook wall!
I wonder what Martin Luther would say?

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