What should have taken me minutes to read actually took hours. To keep myself from dozing from boredom while reading Mark O'Connell's coverage of the annual Boring Conference, I kept flitting from one article to another, one project to another.

I wish I were more surprised that people would attend an annual Boring Conference. However, with an encroaching sense of banality throughout our culture, evidenced in "reality" television shows, movies, stories, and conversation--well, it's no wonder. We've come to this depressing state from being continually told the world lacks ultimate purpose.



Unless we accept God's mercy and grace, from nothing we come and to nothing we return.

Like you said, because of Christ and the cross, we can proclaim the exciting and joyous Good News!

Lee Quod
Too funny! Actually, I could use a little "boring" right now! The holidays always leave me feeling like a soaking-wet washrag, and understanding why bears hibernate all winter!

Kim, I agree that more and more people are accepting the idea that life has no meaning, and the world is just out of reach. No matter how much they acquire, it's never enough. They are sad and depressed by the lack of fulfillment all their "things" bring them. That's our chance to come along with "The Good News"! Life does have meaning! Life IS worth living (with apologies to Msgr. Fulton Sheen)! Life is fulfilling! . . .in Jesus!
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