One for the 'What did they expect?' file is up in arms because -- get this -- the University of Notre Dame wants to promote chastity among gay and lesbian students.

Um, you guys . . . Catholics teach chastity. It's what they do. Water is wet, the sky is blue, followers of Christ teach the biblical standard for sexuality. How is this a surprise?


Exactly my point! Catholics have been known--and ridiculed--for their stance on sexuality at least since I was a youngster! Pope Paul VI tried to explain chastity as a natural outgrowth of faith in God and His commandments. To this day, there are catcalls and boos whenever his encyclical in named. Why? Is the stance of the Church too rigid? We didn't used to think so! Is it because of the homosexual scandal? Is it seen as hypocracy? I don't think so: it was treated the same way long before the scandal.
Most of the objections seem to surround the idea that sex is a "drive" within human beings. I've developed an answer for that: Let's talk about 'drives': we have a 'drive' to breathe: without air, we will die in 3-5 minutes. We have a 'drive' for fluids (water): without it, we will die in 3-5 days. We have a 'drive' for food: without any nourishment, we will die in about 2 weeks. We say we have a drive for sex, but how long does it take a human being to die from a lack of sex? Could we say that 100 years was a reasonable figure? They usually respond, "Well, it's not the same thing!" To which I reply, "I know it's not the same thing. That's what I was just saying. It's apples-and-oranges. So, why are you trying to convince anyone that your orange is a new and improved apple?"
Isn't that kind of like a Yeshiva promoting abstinance from pork products?
As a Roman Catholic, this just irritates me. Why hasn't Notre Dame been teaching this from the beginning? They are about 50 years late to the party, and they should be ashamed of themselves!
On the other hand, considering their stand on sexual/moral issues in the recent past, one has to offer kudos to them for finally getting their collective act together.
Back in the Dark Ages when I was a young woman, chastity was both taught and assumed not only in religion, but in the culture. There was sin then, as there is now, but no one shouted it from the rooftops and celebrated it! We managed to grow up relatively healthy and happy.
There really is more to life than sex, and I will be glad to see the pendulum swing towards center, even a bit. People who accomplish things have an ordered life. Sex is part of it, but only a part--not the whole be-all for their existence.
@ Kevin
Of course not! Doing so would have them labeled as bigots and (my favorite made-up word) "homophobes". They likely would have been sued.

This is the sort of bullying by the pro-homosexual side that is going on relentlessly in our culture today.
A few years ago, there was a gay kid provoking an issue at a Catholic school here in Minnesota. The media portrayed him as heroic and never asked him what exactly he thought the rules would be at a CATHOLIC school.

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