A reality show worth watching

I know, I know. That sounds a little like "a piece of liver worth eating." But it's true, I really have found that rarest of items, a good reality show. Or to be perfectly accurate, a good three-part reality miniseries, which premieres tonight.

Some of you may recall that I'm a big fan of Jennifer Fulwiler and her blog, Conversion Diary. Jen was recently given the opportunity to do this reality special about her life as an atheist-turned-Catholic writer and mother of five (plus one on the way) who lives in Texas and has a deathly fear of scorpions and other native Texas fauna.

And I got the opportunity to watch and review the first episode for BreakPoint. It was a treat -- warm, lively, incisive, quirky, and lots of fun, much like Jen's blog. The viewer gets a comprehensive picture of her life, which at any given moment could involve homeschooling her little ones, having a deep theological discussion with a philosophy professor, or chasing a scorpion around the kitchen as the smoke alarm goes off. One gets a sense of how inextricably intertwined are the deep things and the mundane things of life -- and how faith can help a person take all of it in stride. One of my own favorite moments involved a thoughtful scientific conversation between Jen and her father that quickly devolved into an epic battle against an intrusive wasp.

. . . Yeah, I think I'll just stay here in Virginia.

You can see this show -- which, by the way, has the best title ever for a show about a mother and writer: "Minor Revisions" -- anyway, you can see it online, or on NET in New York. Or, if you have Verizon FIOS, you can get it on demand. Jen gives the details here. And you can read her thoughts about the process of making it here, and you can visit the show's official site hereAnd you can watch the trailer below!

And believe it or not, it looks as if I may have ANOTHER reality show worth watching to tell you about in the near future, as I've been given a review copy of "Surrender the Secret," which will follow five post-abortive women as they learn about Christ's love and forgiveness. Stay tuned!


My brain snapped at "mother of five" + "writer". I cannot fathom how that is possible. And she homeschools them ALL?! AND deals with scorpions? The woman deserves a medal.


I agree that the title is the best thing ever!
That does look interesting. I'll have to check it out. The only reality TV show I've ever liked was called American High that aired on PBS back in 2001. They gave a group of suburban high schoolers camcorders to do video diaries with and then followed them around at and after school. Reality TV is best when it's honest.

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