'To the girl who wants a boy for Christmas . . .'

From Stuff Antonia Says:

"And I want it to be clear that I am not telling you this so you’ll be content dating Jesus or becoming marry-able and-then-he-will-give-you-the-desires-of-your-heart. While sometimes blessing comes just when we’re not hunting it down, I’m not so sure he’s a God of reverse psychology and rhetorical questions. It is not a cosmic dating formula or trick. We are to be faithful because of who He is, because He’s worth all of it [whether we feel it or not], not to get what we want."

A message we have repeated often here at BreakPoint. There are so many young women (and yes, men) among my friends to whom this piece would undoubtedly speak. Part of me is glad for the message. After all, what good is obedience to Christ (through chastity) if we're only doing it for a reward?

But at the same time, I see mounting evidence that our culture is not only distorting, but abandoning marriage and family altogether, and I wonder: How many of these young women whose hearts long for love are being deprived of something they should rightly have?

Something to think about for Christian men with bigger dreams in life than marriage.


More seriously, does anyone really "serve God because of who He is, not because of what He can do?" Are we even expected too?

The Bible spends little time talking about disinterested love for God. And very much time talking about redemption, salvation, healing, etc.

As far as the implication that young women are unjustly deprived by "our culture" the poster has a point. Of course culture can only commit a sin by anology; only it's members can. Still it may be that more people our hurt by our system of arranging such matters then may actually be.
Well I want a girl for Christmas too. Could anyone arrange that for me?

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