Heartrending News

You've probably heard by now of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. According to news reports, the body count is currently at 27. Eighteen of them were children.

God have mercy!


Why not refrain from calling for anything until we get our wits together?
So, the NRA is calling for armed guards at schools. Here are some possible sound-bite comments that popped into my head when I read that headline on Google News (think Jane Austen and irony/sarcasm):

"Don't stop there; we'd better have armed guards at movie theaters and shopping malls, too."

"You call that a solution??? Just go straight to a full militarized state with two armed guards at every intersection!"

"Can you say 'escalation'? Good boy, Johnny! I knew you could!"
I hope they have a community memorial service.

Kevin, We have to get at the root of these evils. Value-free education, breakdown of family, culture of death, to name just a few.

Ultimately, we reject God and expect Eden. It doesn't work that way.

I continue to pray for the families of those slain and also for our country as we mourn the horror.

I pray that we never get comfortable with evil.
This hits really close to home. My business partner lives in Newtown. (I moved from CT to PA a few years ago, but continue to work for the company.) Our bookkeeper has children who, until redistricting a few years ago, went to Sandy Hook school; she told me today that her kids know some of those killed. She asked me, "How do I decide what funerals to go to? I can't take them to 20!"

It makes me sick, not least because, knee-jerk reactions aside, I have no clue how to prevent something like this from happening again without inflicting other costs that will be equal or greater in other ways.
I thought I posted a comment yesterday, but I may have forgotten to hit the "Submit" button.

I wept over these news reports while my own children were at school. Then I went to school a bit earlier than normal, met my second grader in his classroom and hugged him extra tight. Together we met my fifth grader and hugged her tight, too.

Later I briefly mentioned the tragedy to them. I explained to them yet again that no matter what happens to us in this life, our eternity is secure with Jesus when we confess our sins, recognize Him as Lord and believe He raised back to life from being dead. See Romans 10:9

Evil lurks in each of our hearts and became manifest yesterday in Newtown, CT. Jesus came and provides the remedy for evil to all who will accept.
It is indeed horrible, but I'm reminded of Catherine and Zoe going to Rwanda, and how they said they cried and could hardly stop.

Is this how God looks at our sins, every day?

And in spite of that, He came as a baby, knowing He'd only have about thirty years.

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