Our Friend Frank Pastore Is with the Lord

Frank Pastore, who died Monday at the age of 55, was once a major league baseball pitcher. But when a line drive hit to the elbow crippled his throwing arm, his life changed. One of the greatest changes that came about was his eventual role as host of an extremely popular Christian radio talk show at KKLA-FM in Los Angeles.

He was also a great friend to Chuck Colson, BreakPoint, and Prison Fellowship Ministries.

Below is a video clip of a PFM event that he emceed in 2009. In a very moving ceremony, he introduces Chuck, and mentions what Chuck meant to his life.

Pastore's passing has drawn some very interesting commentary. Mark Joseph, at the Huffington Post, said that "the aspect of the faith that would be the most appealing to me is the confidence and peace with which many of its adherents face death." It seems that just a few hours before the motorcycle accident that claimed his life (after a few weeks in a coma), Pastore had said this to his radio audience: "But at any minute I could be spread out all over the 210 but that's not me, that's my body parts. That key distinction undergirds the entire Judeo-Christian worldview and also your pursuit of reality."

It impressed Joseph so much that he titled his article "Frank Pastore Gets the Last Word."

The sports section of The Los Angeles Times also had an article called "Listen to Frank Pastore speak prophetically about dying in crash," along with a very comprehensive and moving obituary for Pastore.

Whatever others may say, the ministries of PFM, as well as many other Christian ministries, churches, and individuals, greatly mourn his passing. Another Christian giant has left us.

Watch for an official statement from Jim Liske, PFM CEO, on prisonfellowship.org and also onĀ colsoncenter.org.


Something similar
On Sept. 12, 2001 (yes, the next day), I was riding my motorcycle on the way to work, when a woman swerved her car into my lane while we were on the freeway, both going about 65 mph. My last memory is of her car hitting between the motorcycle fairing and the front forks. The eyewitnesses told the CHP that I flew about 60 feet in the air, and I was unconscious for quite a while. I sustained a cracked rib, and the bike was totalled. I was off work for 3 days.

When I returned to work the following Monday, secular co-workers were rather amazed at how lightly I had 'gotten off,' and several made comments to the effect, "Gee, having survived that, you must really think that you're here for a reason, huh?" Well, of course I do-- that awareness began with my conversion in 1973.

By the extraordinary grace of our God and Savior, He uses VERY fallible and erratic people to bring glory to His Name, and He has done this in and through me (as Exhibit #1!) both before and since that incident.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to my brothers and sisters on this blog! He is risen indeed!! (if I may conflate two holidays?) :-))

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