Carols on the subway

I almost wish I were still taking the D.C. Metro to work every morning, just so I could hear this guy. And I'm not even a morning person.


Good grief, he sounds awful! If he could at least sing well, it would be tolerable!

I'm sorry, but good intentions aren't good enough with these sorts of things. I love music. I love what used to be flash mobs, done well. (They're anything but, since they are planned in advance.)

But this is just annoying. I would have to get off the train!
I find that very obnoxious. I don't buy the comparison to people conversing. Most conversations aren't going to ruin everyone else's ride.

As a Christian on his train, I would be wishing he'd stop it instead of getting people angry at carols and hymns. Whether he means to be or not, he's being as annoying and inconsiderate as the jerk with the boom box.
I listened to about two seconds, and I'd had enough.
What an encouragement for the body of Christ! Thank you for the article.

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