Hope for Humanity

Starting March 3, 2013, you might be interested in tuning in to the History Channel to watch a ten-part series on the Bible, staring Roma Downey, with music sung by Cee Lo Green. The preview of the series is quite powerful, which is fitting because we're talking about the most powerful, most hope-filled story ever told! 

Next Steps:
Why don't you consider hosting a viewing soiree for some of your friends, colleagues, or neighbors and watch and discuss the series' merits (artistic, acting, music, setting, etc.).


I'm with Dan. Besides, once again they've picked an extremely handsome actor for Jesus; I think he and the guy playing Judas should have swapped roles. (Isaiah 53:2)

It does look like this series goes beyond just recreating "The Passion of the Christ" for the small screen, since it includes the conversion of Saul to Paul. (I wonder if that actor is short. Doesn't seem like he has a nasally, irritating voice.) I wonder how much of the OT it covers, and how much of the NT. I'd love to see how they would deal with the Pastoral Epistles. And golly, maybe we could have Jeremiah and Malachi discuss what a *real* "fiscal cliff" looks like.

Shucks, I'd even like to see Genesis, with all those animals evolving way before Eve picks the fruit from the tree.
I'll give it a viewing, but I don't hold out a lot of hope for it considering how poor most of the History Channel's offerings on the Bible are.

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