Be Careful What You Ask For

Betcha didn’t know that that wunderland of progressivism, Sweden, requires sterilization for transgendered folk. Well, it does, and Aleksa Lundberg is not too pleased about it. You see, Ms., formerly Mr., Lundberg, is a 29-year-old Swedish actress who underwent male to female surgery when she/he was 18.

At the time of his surgery, Lundberg understood (and accepted) that to be a real female, he “had to give up every vestige of being male,” including the removal of his male genitalia. But isn’t that the point? Well, not if you are a man, genetically and physiologically, who wants to be a woman, have your own children, and be both mother and father.

While the “reproductive justice” lobby is calling the practice a violation of human rights, supporters call it “looking out for children’s interests.” Seems to me that the practice is the state’s way of ensuring that the customer gets what the customer says he/she wants.


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