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Here’s a question for you: Considering your life, and where you are today, what one change could you make in the next 40 days that would have the greatest impact on the kingdom?


...I am trying to be more perceptive about those around me with whom the Lord seems to be giving me an 'in.' I can have substantive conversations about world-view issues with two of the scientists I work with, and I appear to be gaining an 'in' also with our building security guard, a Jehovah's Witness who used to play keyboards with a very famous pop star!

In addition, as I wrote in another reply, my church has quite a few Visiting Scholars from China who attend, and potentially they are leaders back in their own country, who might have a disproportionate influence if they come to faith in Jesus before returning to their own country. I very much enjoy their company, but also am always hoping to begin an evangelistic Bible study with a small group of them. (Only had success once with that, so far.)
A couple more
Kevin -- Great suggestions! There is no doubt to me that each has a tremendous potential for kingdom impact. A couple more that occurred to me are: 1) becoming a mentor to someone, especially someone in the younger generation, and given the correlation of illiteracy and incarceration, 2) teaching a child to read.
How thought-provoking
Several come to mind, and I think that from my limited perspective I cannot tell which would have a more substantial impact, but:
-- intercessory prayer for my pastor, church leadership, church community, and greater community
-- a more earnest pursuit of personal holiness
-- a more one-minded pursuit of God

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