Gender-Based Genocide: The Problem and the Solution

On his first night of rotation at a Delhi hospital, medical student Puneet Bedi saw a cat with part of a five-month-old fetus in its mouth.

That night, he saw more abortions than births, simply because the babies were girls. “Christianity Today” reports that there is “gender-based genocide” happening all over the world, especially in Asia, where females are quickly disappearing. China’s one-child policy is a major culprit.

There is one solution, however, to this quiet holocaust: the Gospel. CT's article “Genocide in Shades of Pink” explains the problem and the solution, and how Christianity is rapidly changing people’s hearts.


Thank you
Thank you for this thoughtful and informative reply.
God sends quite a few Visiting Scholars from China to my own church (we are right next to a Univ. of California housing area), and I have seen the devotion of the mothers to their children, even when the child was still back in China with the father.
Such a large, intriguing, fascinating country it is! In general, I have found the Visiting Scholars to be VERY open to hearing about the Gospel, and I had the privilege this past June of leading one to faith in our (and how her) Lord Jesus.
China's one child policy
I previously lived in China for 2 1/2 years and am currently living there on a part time basis, having just returned from Shanghai. I read the English version of their newspaper almost daily and have a Chinese girlfriend who recently married and is pregnant. Though I believe that many concerned world citizens are genuinely interested in the truth and the truth is that there are several exceptions to the one child rule. They stopped telling parents to be, at least out-right, if their child is a girl or not. In Shanghai, a girl is preferred as it is incumbent on the boys family to provide housing in a marriage and that is extremely expensive, so a baby girl takes a lot of pressure off the family to save vast sums of money for the future event. Also, as mentioned the death rate is much higher than the birth rate there, thus they are currently experiencing a zero population growth among the Shanghainese people. Are forced abortions still taking place there? Probably. I know that there is enough shortage of women especially for poor men in other provinces that they are abducting women from other Asian countries and forcing them into marriage with Chinese men...but the one child policies are gradually changing because they are beginning to see the results of their short sighted policies and the grave effect on their population. The Chinese love their children, deeply. They have a long, long history, much of it riddled with mass starvation and cruelty and injustice was not at the heart of their decisions, it was merely survival. Americans often complain that if you can't feed the children you have, why make more? The Chinese thought about that on their own and decided to do something about it. Pray for them, for wisdom, for compassion for resources to feed and provide care for the children. There is so much I wish I could share with you about what is going on there, but there isn't the space for that here. They love their children and abortion is not what the majority of them want for themselves either. Maybe we would serve this world as a better light if we could do more to stop the abortions being done here. We supposedly have a choice in the matter, they don't. What does that say about us?

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