Unhappy anniversary: 'Roe' turns 40

Next week marks the 40th anniversary of the decision that made abortion legal in this country. Already, activists on both sides are gearing up to mark the occasion. Sarah Kliff in the Washington Post examines the controversy swirling around one of the nation's oldest abortion clinics, in Pittsburgh. And Chuck Donovan, in the Human Life Review, reminds us, "The first task of the right-to-life movement has been achieved: It has prevented the legal doctrines of Roe and Doe from being accepted as constitutional gospel. . . . Roe and Doe are not settled law. They remain the ultimate in unsettling law, upending the meaning of the Declaration of Independence and creating conditions where human lives are not seen as created equal in value."

Look for much more on the subject in the days to come, including here on BreakPoint.org.


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