What 'Roe' means to me

Next month, my family and I will get together and celebrate my sister's 40th birthday. (I already have the snarky "So you're 40!" card picked out.) But today we're commemorating another, very different kind of 40th birthday: that of "Roe v. Wade." That first child legally killed by abortion in America that Anne Morse wrote about today would have been almost the exact same age as my sister.

But the fact that Joy was born just three-and-a-half weeks after the "Roe" ruling hits home for me in ways you might not even expect.

Joy -- adopted into our family at the age of five -- was born into a family deeply scarred by poverty, alcholism, and child neglect. Her early life was, to put it bluntly, hell on earth. You could say that she was one of the children that legalized abortion was designed to deal with.

But she survived. And she's strong, and thriving, and one of the people who's dearest to me in this world.

So every year at this time, I feel grateful that Joy got her chance to live. I mourn the children who never got that chance. And I pray for the day when our country will regard children like my sister, not as problems to be solved, but as lives to be welcomed, supported, and cherished.


Sadly, Carol, as harsh as that assessment is, I can't disagree. The ego and hubris he displays have floored me many times these last four years.
For Kevin
No, he doesn't wonder. He thinks that he was brought into this world to be a "savior", a leader, "born to be king"! I don't think he ever thinks of abortion in terms of his being the perfect candidate. Only other people, less "awesome" than he, qualify.
Good piece, Gina. Thanks.
Thanks for sharing this. It was by far one of the best things I heard today -- the reminder of what we work and pray for.
Very nice, Gina.
I once saw a video that showed how, in keeping with the criteria often cited for having an abortion, Barack Obama was a good target to have been deprived of the opportunity to be born. I wonder if he ever gives that any thought and thinks he should have been "spared" being brought into this world.

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