Words have consequences

It seems Planned Parenthood is trying to move away from the "pro-choice" label.

Which should make things interesting, as whenever the pro-abortion side starts messing around with semantics, it tends to result in stuff like this.


The article is horrifying in that it leaves nothing to "grab onto". If they admit it's murder, and don't care, what do you have left to work with?
I did find satisfaction, though, in the admission that our use of the word "life" left them with little "wiggle room".
Finally, my husband has a take on the supposed insult of our being "wing-nuts". Wing nuts are what holds things together! I'm proud to be a wing-nut!
"So what if abortion ends life?" ?!?!?!?!!!!

Let's take that "if" and make some logical "if/then" statements, shall we?

If abortion ends life, and abortion is deemed acceptable ...

... then it's acceptable to end a life inside a woman's womb.

... then that acceptance degrades the value of all human life.

... then it will become acceptable to end other "inconvenient" lives.

... then it will become acceptable to end "non-contributing" lives.

... then ending any life becomes acceptable.

... then we could have headlines like:

"So what if beating my child about the head ends life?"

"So what if spouse abuse ends life?"

"So what if neglect of my elderly grama ends life?"

"So what if suicide ends life?"

"So what if poison ends life?"

"So what if gunshots ends life?"

So, what then?
"Diabolically clever" are we? Actually that's kind of nice. What shall we do today? Try to take over the world?

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