Mentally Awake and Morally Straight

Some people can't leave the Boy Scouts of America alone. And because of that, now they can't leave the National Geographic Channel alone.

As mentioned on our RE:news page earlier, "The Washington Post" reports that the Gay & Lesbian Alliance against Defamation wants the channel to "add a disclaimer  to a new reality series about the Boy Scouts of America -- a group that does not permit openly gay members." The new reality series pits weekend warriors against some of the best Boy Scouts in a competition for merit badges in challenges "based on the Scouts’ century-old guidebook."

Suffice it to say that the Boy Scouts have always required new inductees to take an oath and follow a law. The oath requires a scout to do his best to do his duty to God and country. It ends with the pledge to keep oneself "mentally awake and morally straight." The law includes such things as obedience, thrift, courage and reverence -- all of which are in short supply these days.

As a former Scout (and I am sure many of our readers are as well), it gives me pride to know that those things we pledged ourselves to over the years are so critically important today. Hurrah for NatGeo for not caving so far! I hope they stand strong.


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Carol - you are correct. I wrote this one just before the announcement came out. I am writing another post to update. It should come out this evening (1-29).

Lee, I was going to entitle the new one "Be Prepared." As a former scout, that was the first thing I thought of too! (Just so you know I did not steal it from you :-)
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Quoting you from your comment, Carol, "Each troop has it's own say in whether or not homosexuals are welcome in that individual troop."

What do you suppose will happen to those troops who say "Homosexuals are not welcome here"? When California's Proposition 8 was on the ballot some years ago, gay activists picketed at the businesses and homes of the supporters. One of the big supporters of Prop 8 was the Mormon Church. Many Scout troops are supported by Mormon churches, going so far as to meet at Mormon facilities. I think one of my Scoutmasters was Mormon, but it was a very long time ago. Some of my Mormon friends today are Scoutmasters, and their troops consist entirely of Mormons - not deliberately, and they encourage boys to reach out to non-Mormon friends to recruit them to the troop (and thereby to encourage LDS membership, but not to require it). So those troops would likely want to say "no", which will invite "direct action" against them.

This is, I suppose, a blueprint for how to force complete and total social acceptance of the liberal position on a divisive issue. (sarcasm) Thank you so very much, Saul Alinsky.

The second page of the blueprint is, having forced a group to accept homosexual leaders, to then sue them when some of those leaders turn out to be pedophiles. That's how it has worked with the Catholic priesthood.

Page 3 is, I suppose, to call for government oversight of such institutions, policing them for the safety of the children. (One cannot take action against the pedophiles themselves, of course, since as Regis points out, pedophilia is being redefined as normal.) And with government oversight comes government regulation, until finally Scouting is redefined as the Youth League.

I wish there was a way to apply the Scout motto of "Be Prepared!" to this situation. It's a pity that Scout troops can't meet in, say, mosques.
Each troop has it's own say in whether or not homosexuals are welcome in that individual troop. "
This article and comment were obviously made before the big announcement. As of the evening news, the BSA has announced a plan to admit homosexuals to the BSA. Each troop has it's own say in whether or not homosexuals are welcome in that individual troop. According to the news commentators, this autonomy is designed to make possible an alternative troop to a young Scout. Now that I read your article, I can see why. My deepest sympathies to Boy Scouts everywhere!
Boy Scout Bylaws
I think this is a great article, & kuddos to the Boy Scouts of America. Morality should be instilled in our young people. If the gay/lesbian folk don't like the laws governing the boy/girl scout organizations, get over it. Good grief. They just can't stand morality at all. hope the National Geographic stands firm.

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