Sex, lies, videotape, and 'Roe'

"Roe v. Wade" is many, many things, but sexy is not one of them. Whoever came up with this depraved video deserves the title of Worst Advertiser Ever. 


And some video responses. The second one has images of aborted babies; not for the faint of heart.
Oh, sick!!! Reading about this ad didn't make me realize just how disgusting and sickening it is. The video in the link above has been pulled, but here's a segment from a Fox News broadcast which has the video in it:
Great Minds Think Alike
Do I get co-writing credit for today's Breakpoint?

Seriously, I realize that the text for today's (1/28/13) commentary was probably written before Saturday, but I'm struck by how Eric echoes my comments here!
Of course it's sexy. For people who want sex without (visible) consequences, it's essential. That man is thinking, "I can sleep with any woman and never worry about the inconvenience of a baby messing up my life. That turns me on."

Do you think the liberal media will make an issue of this pandering to stereotypes of oversexed, irresponsible black men?

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