In the Pursuit of Knowledge?

Remember reading Michael Crichton's book "Jurassic Park," or watching the movie by the same name? Billionaire philanthropist John Hammond thought he could clone dinosaurs like the ferocious velociraptors for the amusement of others. Hammond's hubristic endeavors ended in tragedy and chaos.

Generally speaking, hubris is at the root of most chaos. Tragically, it will be a defining human attribute until Jesus comes. So it was more with sadness than surprise that I just found out that people are interested in cloning Neanderthals.

Oh, these people cloak their ambition in some sort of humanitarian sounding mumbo-jumbo like helping to find cures for humans. But I suspect the idea is coming from some sort of desire for godlike power. The result won't be pretty.

As Jennifer Lahl maintains, people will be using power to create a "freakish carnival sideshow" which denigrates humans. So if cloning Neanderthals gives you the heebie-jeebies, know it is a normal reaction to a very bad idea.


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