Is He in a Coma or Not?

As biotechnology advances, researchers and doctors are finding out new information about patients in a "vegetative state." As Denyse O'Leary points out, neuroscientist Adrian Owen has delved into finding out if such people are aware of their surroundings. His findings just might surprise you.


'vegetative state'
I read a book a few yrs ago, "Look Up for Yes." It's by/about a woman who had a massive stroke and was unconscious and unable to communicate for several years. Heart, lungs, all worked well - no tubes to be disconnected, but she was seen by hospital staff as "just a body." Meanwhile, she heard and understood every word being said, but wasn't able to reply and express her frustration and anger. It was a number of years before someone in the PT staff saw a tiny response, so asked her some questions. Looking down was obviously painful, so it became "Look Up for Yes." Gripping story, horrific in many ways.
Thanks for posting this.

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