Transgendered in first grade?

All I have to say is, my heart breaks for this child.


I saw some of the comments, and I also commented. If I go to read more, I will be there all night, responding to whoever says whatever nonsense. But I'm glad some people are also speaking up.

This abuse of children makes me livid.
Judging by the comments on CNN's site, quite a few people are beginning to believe that this has gone too far.
I could barely get through half of that article. It makes me so angry that I can barely type.

I didn't realize how common this insanity of "transgendered" children had become until a few years ago. I saw a story about one kid online, I did a quick Google search to see what else was out there and... I quickly closed the screen. There was so much that it was overwhelming. This is no longer fringe. It is quickly becoming accepted as perfectly normal.

But of course speaking out against this child abuse is called "bigoted" and "hateful". The only response allowed in today's society is wholehearted cheering it on.

Meanwhile, we are destroying countless children.

It's insane. It has to stop.

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