A Cautionary Tale

I'm glad that Coach Martin Tremblay, who maliciously tripped a young hockey player in a fit of anger, is serving a 15-day jail sentence. His actions were beyond the pale.

But the way the article I've linked to was written -- focusing on things like Tremblay neglecting to take his medication, and his business woes -- the reader is supposed to feel sorry for Tremblay, perhaps even to believe that he's the victim.

The truth is, sadly, Tremblay was acting more like a six year old than a 48-year-old man supervising youth sports. Because of this sentence, perhaps he will learn that actions have consequences. Maybe parents, coaches, and teachers can use this story as a cautionary tale, teaching their kids what happens to bad sports.


The newspapers in BC were having fun with this story; "In the Penalty Box For 21,600 Minutes For Tripping".

Sports was, for a while, an area where morality and law (rules, enforced by judges/referees, with penalties for violators) reigned supreme most of the time. I'm glad this case went this way. I'm sad for the coach, but his behavior shouldn't be simply excused away.
How in the world is being off your meds an excuse? Whose responsibility is that? Sheesh. I'm sorry to see American-style excuses making their way to Canada. Fortunately, at least one Canadian judge isn't buying it.

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