The Swedes Are Happier because They Have a Market-Based Healthcare System

Mystery solved. All that hoohah last month guessing why the Swedes are *allegedly* so happy, and all involved missed the apparent reason. It's the market-based, non-governmental health care system! Dr. Herzlinger, of Harvard Business School (it's no William & Mary, but it ain't bad either) explains:

There is only one viable Republican solution: A consumer-driven system that passes the employer tax exemption and funding onto consumers, so they, and not the government, control all health-care costs. Switzerland, which enables universal coverage without any governmental insurance through this system, benefits from costs 40 percent lower than the U.S. and, unlike the single-payer systems in the U.K. or Canada, excellent results for the sick. 

Oh. Wait. Sorry. It's the Swiss, not the Swedes. My bad.

Well, imagine how much happier the Swedes would be if they DID have a market-based healthcare system!


Maybe some people are just happier then others? Nah!
Aha! We've found the real answer (from the "New York Times," yet): It's because they have school vouchers!

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