Commemorate Gina's Surrender in Style!

...with your very own Gina vs. Allen t-shirt, which records this well-deserved, historic victory.

Show the world that you were there when it happened, and you care. Deeply.

I mean, if the French can celebrate Bastille Day, Pointificators can surely wear their Gina Surrender Day pride, right? Absolutely!


Official Verdict: Gina surrendered. Buy the t-shirt.
That never actually happened, Jason. Allen just thought he could make it so by declaring it so. (Like certain politicians we know. :-) )
Ok, Gina has surrendered. Now can we proceed with the peace comferance? I want a few of the provinces that you have demanded that Gina cede.
Gina wrote: "I declare Rolley the winner!" Wow - really? The rest of us declared that shortly after he started posting a year or so ago. What kept you? ;-)
(Ha! Even I have to admit that is great shirt.)
I declare Rolley the winner! :-)
Then who's that over there?
Sorry, Allen, nobody here but us...
Too late for that Lee. Nice t-shirt...
I'm glad to hear, Jason, that doing what comes naturally for me is the right thing in this case - at least partially. I'm a bit nervous about laughing too much, because I was flipping through channels once and caught a few moments of "Alien vs. Predator". From what I could gather based on that brief view, the idea in such a battle is to avoid becoming collateral damage - by not drawing too much attention to oneself as the other parties attempt to destroy each other. So I think I'll sneak away quietly and mirthlessly now.....
Hey, Allen, I read the *last* word in this paragraph: "The classic heavyweight t-shirt. Tagless design for ultimate comfort. Pre-shrunk, 6.1 ounce 100% cotton. Double-needle stitched bottom and sleeve hems. Loose, classic fit, wears well on anyone. (note: Brown version has a tag). Imported." So tell me - whose economy would I stimulate, and for whom should I be a patriot?
I can't believe you're balking at $28.95, Lee. Don't you want to stimulate the economy? Aren't you a patriot?
I see that the photo is the "men's style" shirt, not the "women's style". You'd have Bonus Humiliation Points, Allen, for taking the statement on the back of this shirt and putting it on the front of a women's tee, in Gina's favorite color. Tsk. "Starting at $28.95"???!!?!? Woof, how much did it set you back to outfit the entire Thornburgh clan with these? Maybe Gina was right to worry about you bankrupting yourself if the battle endured...
Actually, in sophisticated economic systems, downturn and upturn is a function of morale more then actual circumstance. It's not like the old days where a civil war in China could clog the travel routes and cause a disaster in Venice. There is enough resources going around to make up for contingencies. At least in the developed world. Or in other words, the economy goes down because it is expected to, not because there is any actual reason for it to go down. So maybe the most patriotic thing LeeQuod could do is laugh.

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