You Knew This Would Happen

The porn industry wants a bailout.

It was just a matter of time.


SBK, you'll have to let me in on your secret. I've tried to provoke reactions from some other Point bloggers, with little - or negative - success. Maybe I need a personality transplant? Rolley, great job on the calendar, too, but how in the world did you get him to wear so many different costumes in just one photo shoot? I really am missing something that you guys apparently know, or have.
This time, I was ready with my camera when he came out. Facebook, here we come. Let the game continue! (Players choice - hockey, or wack-a-mole).
Ahem . . . Dave the Swede would like to make the following points about the Swedish Junior Hockey Team: They were in the gold medal game the last two years (yeah, yeah, so they didn't show up in this year's match with Canada). They also competed for Bronze in 06. I happened to be in Ottawa visiting a friend in December '07 when the boys in Blue and Gold played Our Friends to the North in the preliminary round. The Swedes put the biscuit in the twine three times in the third period to defeat and stun the Canadian team. I listened to it on the car radio. The Canadian announcers were apoplectic. Leve Sverige! Back to my burrow.
Hehe, sorry LeeQuod, I was hoping for a provoked reaction. Seems he's too busy though... Maybe he's just gearing up to watch the Vikings next playoff ga... oops.
Oh, man, SBK; with "encouragement" like that, the DtS groundhog will return to his burrow and not re-emerge for another 6 months. We'll all be the losers, just as we were for the *last* 6 months. That said, it *was* pretty funny. Is this Sports Partisanship Day at The Point?
Okay, now that's just mean. :-)
Hey Dave, Did you catch the World Junior Hockey Championship finals between Canada and Sweden? (Actually, whether Sweden showed up is debatable).
I've been trying to think of something, *anything*, to encourage DtS to post more often. Sadly, the best I can come up with here is a terrible "stimulus package" joke. Can any fellow Pointificators help? (Not with bad puns on this topic, Heaven forfend, but with encouragement for Dave?)

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