I'm Glad Somebody Gets It

How_to_talk_to_girls The relationship advice from an up-and-coming author includes this sage suggestion: "Don't think girls are gross." Still, what are the odds that his work contains more wisdom than 95 percent of dating books on the market?

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Now they're making it into a movie! At least the kid's college education is paid for now. http://www.cinematical.com/2008/12/09/fox-gives-up-will-adapt-fourth-graders-book/ Interestingly, Chris, Louisa May Alcott made that exact same complaint about the childhood dating culture in her excellent novel "An Old-Fashioned Girl" -- nearly 140 years ago. Some things never change, unfortunately.
This kid is a hoot. I agree with you Travis, at 9 he seems to be wiser than most grown men I know. The fact that I just cannot get over that at nine years old...NINE...it appears he has already had multiple girlfriends!? We are (Lord willing)raising our kids to be pure until marriage. This cute little book encourages the boyfriend/girlfriend culture at an insanely early age. At nine years old he and others like him are entering into a "marriage/divorce" mindset. "Trying people on for size" when they are in no way shape or form mature enought for any type of commitment. Relationships are disposable entertainment in our society and I believe this adorable kid and his book amplify this fact.

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