Shane Morris on Closing Church at Christmas

If you're in this area, you may have heard Shane's latest article at The Federalist mentioned on Washington's WMAL yesterday afternoon. Here's the link to the piece! A sample:

"The book of Acts (chapter 20, verse 7) records that before Christmas was ever formalized, the early church met to break bread and worship on “the first day of the week.” It was on Sunday morning—two nights and a day after the crucifixion—that the gospels tell us Jesus rose from the dead. Christians for millennia have gathered weekly on that day to mark the occasion, under solemn biblical command (Hebrews 10:25).

"In other words, cancelling the Lord’s Day when it falls on December 25 shows not just a lack of understanding about church and the history of Christmas, but a lack of understanding about the one whose birth we’re celebrating."


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