This Is How We Replace Planned Parenthood

Brandi Swindell of Boise, Idaho, was horrified at the effect of abortion on women, and upset that her city had no alternative to Planned Parenthood. "So I went, 'OK, I guess I better roll up my shirt sleeves and start it,'" she says.

Swindell now runs Stanton Healthcare of Boise. Cosmopolitan magazine reports, "For patients like Brandy [one of Swindell's clients] -- pregnant, uninsured, and without medical care -- Stanton Healthcare provides a lifeline for getting health services that they may otherwise be unable to access in the state, and Swindell has an ambitious goal for her network: She hopes it will become the pro-life movement’s replacement for the entire Planned Parenthood organization." 

Swindell is doing phenomenal work in her city for the exact population that Planned Parenthood wants to serve. Her current and former patients are grateful for the health care and other kinds of care they've received at her clinic, care they often couldn't get anywhere else. "They treat you like a friend," said one such woman, Stephanie Reyes, who was also uninsured. "The resources have been good. They help you with maternity clothes, baby clothes. They do free ultrasounds, which is amazing."

Swindell's work is a model for what the whole pro-life movement needs to be doing. We can't just seek to defund Planned Parenthood; as Swindell's slogan puts it, we need to "Replace Planned Parenthood." We need to do the hard work and do it better. That's the key not just to ending abortion, but also to showing our opponents that we mean business about helping babies and their mothers. Note that the coverage from Cosmopolitan -- not a bastion of the pro-life movement! -- was fair to Swindell. Though they also talked to and quoted those who disagree with her, they gave plenty of space to her views and her good work.

May more of us be willing to roll up our shirt sleeves and start doing that work alongside Brandi Swindell.


Livingstone had a similar idea that slavery might be made obsolete by economic development in Africa. It never worked out and usually just brought different kinds of slavery(Africa was not the finest example of enlightened imperialism). But then Africa had no complex infrastructure.

In this case the basic idea of making it clear that their are options besides abortion is well worth trying and a good support to simple activism.

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