More on Calling, Creativity, and 'La La Land'

On the new edition of "CAPC Digest," I discuss my article about the Oscar-nominated film and its worldview, especially on the issue of calling. Go here to listen!


Pay is a symbol and a problematic one. I know I am a scholar. I can't be satisfied that I am helping people as a scholar unless I am paid for such. It is a weird way to measure. Gary Kasparov gets paid tons to be a Grandmaster. He doesn't get paid at all for being a political activist(and gets friends beat up in some dungeon somewhere). However being a scholar, a chess champion, and in the right context a political activist are all conducive to civilization. What does that prove. Nothing really, except that I am not completely rational. But it would be nice to have proof that others agree that I am contributing something and being paid is an easy way.
What if no one seems to want the thing you were made to do and do well?

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