Civic Education

Award_votesign I just attended my daughter's middle-school back-to-school night, and one thing in particular stood out to me: Many of the teachers would be working the presidential election into their classes.

Her civics class, of course, would be talking about the electoral process. They plan to hold a mock election as well, if possible. Her science class will take a look at both major parties' platforms on the environment, and after the election "make predictions" on what those policies could do to the planet in the long run. And even her language arts class includes the theme of "change" as it relates to the nation -- we know how loaded a term that is in this election (another grade will look at change on the personal level, while a higher grade will focus on the notion on a global level).

All that to say, more than any other year of late, fellow parents, this is a critical one to get involved in your children's education and talk pointedly to them about what's going on in our country this fall -- to talk about the issues being debated, the process of electing a president and other elected officials, and the importance of exercising our right to vote.

They will hear a lot of different viewpoints bouncing around in their classrooms -- particularly, if they're in a public school -- and rather than tell them to "tune out," I'd encourage you to help them decipher the views and the motivations behind them. Teach them why Christians believe what they believe about things like the sanctity of human life and the importance of caring for the poor. What a great year for worldview education. And definitely plan to bring them with you to the voting booth if you can. It's an empowering image that will stick in their memories.

(Image © Johnson County, Kansas, Election Office)


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