If Gina Were to Get a Tattoo
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Bibliophiletattoo I'm guessing that tattoo might be something like this, likely something by an Inkling. (HT Thunderstruck)

(Image © bibliogrrl at Flickr)


Rolley, that link recommends yoga to relieve stress. Perhaps (to get back to CLH's original point, kinda), novice yoga students could get a quote tattooed above and below their navel (upside down, so they could read it) like this: To relieve stress, ............@............. bang head here. Sure would encourage flexibility.
LeeQuod, Above the belly-button you say? Was it a dolphin, or a cow? After all, dolphins have no fuzz. And besides, some folks can't distinguish between the two. http://www.geocities.com/buddychai/StressTest.html
You've got the idea, LeeQuod -- except that I'd be passed out cold before the guy got the first eighth of the "O" in "Ow" finished.
I thought it would be from the Bard: “Write till your ink be dry, and with your tears Moist it again, and frame some feeling line That may discover such integrity.” But clearly that's too big. Instead, I envision in a small font, this: "Ow!" My favorite tattoo story is from a physician who asked the older patient to disrobe, and saw a tattoo just above their navel. "Nice whale", he said. The patient smiled wanly. "Yes - it used to be a dolphin."
What you're forgetting is that Gina is very, very, very, VERY bad at pain. :-) If I ever get a tattoo, actually, it will be a temporary (i.e., non-painful) tattoo, and this will be the quote: "I'm not like other people. I can't stand pain. It hurts me." --Daffy Duck

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