Something to Think About

The church . . . cannot be content to play the part of a nurse looking after the casualties of the system. It must play an active part both in challenging the present unjust structures and in pioneering alternatives.

-- Donald Dorr, Catholic missionary priest

(courtesy "Verse and Voice" of the day, Sojourners)


This is true! I believe that the Church wants to do this but doesn't know how. All too often the Church is thrown platitudes without substance. They are left feeling guilty without knowing what they can do. That is why KidTrek believes the Lord has given us a vision to mobilize the church to do just this. If interested in learning more of this vision check out our website and Blog
Thanks for this lovely quotation. I'm sure I'm going to borrow it when I teach about William Wilberforce and the Abolition movement in my British literature class in a few weeks. It reminds us that our Lord expects us to transform culture (salt and light), not just pick up the pieces of a broken world (though binding up the wounds of our fellow sojourners is also critically important. Remember the Good Samaritan).
Agreed! I groan when I hear a fellow believer say something like, "My neighbor's wife left him and and he was just diagnosed with cancer," following that with a remark that it might "bring him to Jesus." There are those who seems to regard the ills of this world as little more than excuses to get people to turn to a Jesus that seems to be little more a pill for depression. Their sort of Christianity is apparently so weak it holds no appeal for someone who is healthy and happy. We should be working to make marriage happier and more lasting for everyone in our society, rather than spreading the lie (all too obvious in our churches) that happy marriages only come with Jesus. Our culture and our laws do matter and we should be working to change them for the better.

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