Smothers Brothers: Boil That Cabbage Down

Thank you, Gina, for YouTube Friday!

I like storytelling, folk music, and a good laugh. And the Smothers Brothers are usually good for all them.


Becky: Seems like they're still touring. Also, later this month, there's a "best of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" DVD coming out. Their website:
I enjoyed this and the other link to Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor. Kind of a "blast from the past" that started off the weekend with a smile. This one reminded me of how funny The Smothers Brothers were before they decided to get so political. And, I was just enjoying it for the fun of it without thinking about politics. Wonder what they're doing now and if they are even still around.
And as you become even more subtle, Dave, I'll become even more clever at ferreting you out. This could become an epic cat-and-mouse game, as if Frank Abagnale ("Catch Me If You Can") were pursued by, say, Inspector Clouseau.
LeeQuod: You caught me. Red-handed. I will have to become even more subtle. Nuts. Dave the Swede.
Y'know, sometimes the subtlety of communication at The Point completely escapes my little sleep-deprived brain for several hours: Gina dares to open up a completely political thread on The Point. Her boss Dave, under the guise of responding to the fun "YouTube Friday" thread, actually posts a video of two guys who got fired for using mass media to criticize a Democrat. (LBJ in their case, but I'm sure it generalizes.) Talk about your subtle public admonishments by way of example! Boy, I may have to start drinking a lot more coffee just to keep up with you, Dave! Or maybe (yawn) get more sleep instead.

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