Atrocity of the Day: August 22-24

Olympicflagcuffs Mistreating and abusing laborers—including those who created the Olympic image for our viewing pleasure—as well as oppressing the poor. And speaking of labor, sending protesters and others exercising free speech to forced labor camps and covering up what goes on there.

That concludes our “Atrocity of the Day” posts for the Olympic season. (Read past posts here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.) Thanks again to Anne for the great idea of highlighting the atrocities committed by China during these past two weeks.

This has not been an exercise in sneering at the Chinese people, nor in taking any moral superiority. It has also not been an exercise in pouring water on the celebration of our U.S. athletes—nor any of the world’s other amazing athletes (did you see those Jamaicans run? Wow!)—as their accomplishments do, intentionally or not, give witness to the Creator.

And, hopefully, this hasn’t been an exercise in futility (“Look at all these horrible things China’s government has done . . . sigh—ah well, on to the new school year”): to acknowledge the atrocities and then just move on, feeling unempowered.

In the realm of human rights, the Church must lead in calling for justice. I hope you do take one or more of these issues (or another related issue not raised in these posts—even another human-rights issue unrelated to China), and do what you can in your corner of the world to call for justice. That could be donating money to a human-rights or humanitarian aid group; supporting a missionary; writing a letter-to-the-editor or writing your lawmakers and members of the U.S. State Department about a particular human-rights issue; and, of course, actively and collectively engaging in prayer. If you want more ideas about China, see BreakPoint’s list of resources.


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