'Henry Poole Is Here'

Ok, I'm recommending this sight unseen -- but it is on my list, by recommendation of Erik Lokkesmoe with Different Drummer, which is marketing this film. (Different Drummer is also behind Call + Response.)

Henry Poole Is Here (PG) -- which stars Luke Wilson, Adriana Barraza, and George Lopez, among others -- "is a film that Christian moviegoers will yearn to embrace, if only from sheer gratitude; here, at last, is a depiction of Christian faith that portrays it as something other than the domain of cranks and loonies," as Frederica Mathewes-Green put it. "And it's not just theological theory that wins the film's blessing, but something more substantive, verging on shocking: it proposes that miracles can happen—and supplies an audacious one for our consideration."

Read more here, here, and here. And see Theology on Tap's discussion guide. And here's the trailer:

(HT Thunderstruck)


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