Christian Worldview and Economics

I know. I know. The word economics lacks sizzle. Oprah Winfrey, global warming, Expelled! and Richard Dawkins are far more sizzling topics. However, economic issues are having a huge impact on our country and figure prominently in this upcoming election. 

Enter the Acton Institute. Acton recently sponsored a conference with approximately 30 scholars from around the world who sought to integrate economics, market philosophy and politics with a Christian worldview.

I did not attend the conference, but Acton is generously making available 34 free audio lectures. Centurions will recognize some of the names like Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse and Dr. Jay Richards. Here are just a few of the lectures that caught my eye and are bound for my iPod.

    * Wealth and Poverty in Scripture - Dr. Jonathan Witt
    * The Limits of Markets: Law and Moral Culture - Fr. Peter Laird
    * Christianity and the Idea of Limited Government - Michael Miller
    * Myths About the Market - Dr. Jay Richards
    * Why Keynesianism Failed - Dr. Victor Claar
    * A Theology of Stewardship - Dr. Stephen Grabill
    * Market Economics and the Family - Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
    * A Biblical Approach to the Environment - Dr. Jay Richards
    * A Theology of Market Capitalism - Lord Brian Griffiths
    * Liberation Theology - Rev. Robert A. Sirico
    * Business as a Moral Enterprise - John Beckett

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Thanks Gina and Creary!
J. Clinton, I would strongly recommend "The Outline of Sanity" by G.K. Chesterton. If you can't find that one then try "What's Wrong With the World" by G.K. Chesterton. Now if you like those you'll probably be interested in "The Servile State" and "Restoration of Property" by Hilaire Belloc. Belloc was closely associated with G.K. Chesterton; friends even.
Ok, my turn to be pugnacious ;) I would seriously like to get a recommendation about a Chesterton book dealing specifically with economics. Labrialumn? Anyone?
Ah, so there was a method in your madness. :-) Got it.
I know - I just wanted to steal Mike's thunder, because I was feeling goofy and a little pugnacious myself (because in my mind Chesterton ==> Mike Perry ==> pugnaciousness).
I think Jeff meant books by Chesterton, rather than books about him.
Mike Perry's.
Always glad to read more G.K. Chesterton. Which Chesterton book do you recommend?
Might I recommend G. K. Chesterton for an alternative Christian economic view that comes from the Bible, rather than from an attempt to syncretize Christianity and mercantilism?/monetarism?
I did a bit of Googling for you, Jeff. This looks like a good place to start.

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