China Honors a Quake Victim -- Kind Of

Panda Maybe I am making too little of a great panda tragedy, but my first thought upon reading this story was: What are the chances that any of the tens of thousands of people killed in the earthquake -- who aren't even alluded to in the article -- received a memorial service like this?

Nearly a month after China's devastating earthquake, the Wolong Nature Reserve held a funeral Tuesday for a panda that was crushed in the temblor.

The world famous panda center was badly damaged by the May 12 quake but officials initially thought all 64 pandas had survived. They later discovered that two were missing.

(Image © Breitbart/AP)


Travis, there's a huge difference between a dead panda and tens of thousands of dead people: if they stuffed and mounted that panda, around the world we would hear outrage and no one would pay to see it. People, on the other hand,... ( )

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