What's 'Happening' to Shyamalan?

Happening It's called The Happening, and it's a movie with apocalyptic themes. That's about all that can be confirmed regarding the plot of M. Night Shyamalan's new film . . . Well, that, and the fact that it will be rated R.

The India-born director has been outspoken in ensuring his potential audience that The Happening is a return to form. Whether or not he deliberately aimed for the R rating, apparently the film deserves it.

"[The Happening] is going to scare the crap out of audiences," says Shyamalan. "You are going to get traumatized."

Most are familiar with his previous efforts -- The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village, and Lady in the Water. Since The Sixth Sense established Shyamalan's name and became a huge commercial success, his subsequent films have veered away from the horror genre. Instead, movies like Signs and The Village dealt with issues of faith and family relationships, albeit with a handful of scares thrown in.

Maybe it's all a marketing stunt. That remains to be seen. But one has to wonder, is this sort of movie what Shyamalan wants to be making, or is he just trying to make a comeback after the poorly reviewed financial disaster that was Lady in the Water?


I am mostly disappointed with Shyamalan's efforts for The Happening. I mean, in most of his movies he makes me think more logically than most movies. The Village was a great movie of people living in a remote village that got tired of the world's evil. I do admire his passion, creativity, and great endings. But lowering yourself to a horror movie is a place too low for Shyamalan to go. Horror movies are cheap entertainment made only to scare people. Big whoop. Give me a movie to think about, reflect and decent action, and I'm happy.
Based on the trailers, in a lot of this movie we'd see... (drumroll) dead people. (ba-da-bing)
Yes, the redline definitely implies that there will be images reminiscent of the more haunting things we saw in "Sixth Sense." I'm curious to see if the movie's plot will warrant that kind of content, or if it's more a case of the director selling out.
I've seen an "R" rated trailer online (what they call a "red line" trailer because of content.) The trailer alone made me decide not to see this movie. It had scenes that I still wish I hadn't viewed, they were that disturbing & gory. I am so sad to see him go down this path. I always admired his ability to scare you using suspense and not gore, which seems to be a lost art nowadays.
Haven't seen "The Happening". Will likely wait till the DVD release. I enjoyed your article Gina about Shyamalan (http://www.breakpoint.org/listingarticle.asp?ID=8048). I do hope his faith comes to rest on the Truth. I greatly enjoy the sense of depth in his movies.

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