A Movie about Bullies

I took my two sons with me to see Ben Stein's Expelled on opening day. After the film was over, spontaneous applause broke out. I felt like I was at a football game and the home team had just scored.

Clearly the issue of evolution is a hot button in our culture. I seriously doubt that this ID-friendly film is going to move the hearts of Darwinists to suddenly question their beloved theory. In fact, it will just make Darwinists more mad. But they were pretty much mad to begin with, as the film makes clear.

The film does nothing to educate you on approaches to detecting design in objects. It is a lot of talking heads and amusing animated film clips interspersed throughout to prove a point. It is highly entertaining. But if you want to understand more about the mathematics of design inference, read a book.

The point is that some people, maybe a lot of people, are being treated unfairly because they have dared to doubt a cherished theory. In case after case, academicians and science professionals were shown who have been blacklisted, unfairly denied tenure, or fired. You walk away ticked off. Injustice makes Americans mad and it should. Americans hate bullies.


Maybe the alumni alumnae of universities should do a FREE SPEECH CHECKUP of their college. ESPECIALLY if their college made the "BAD LIST" of "science ideas held as pseudo creeds" Universities and Colleges noted in EXPELLED and similar sources. SO ALL YOU PAST GRADS - DON'T SEND YOUR DOLLARS UNLESS YOU FEEL YOUR UNIVERSITY IS DOING A FAIR JOB OF ALLOWING A FREE FLOW OF SCIENCE IDEAS... I heard somewhere scientists should be even questioning their OWN ideas...

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