How Not to Attack Evolution

Tom at Thinking Christian writes a thoughtful post called "How Not to Support 'Expelled;' How Not to Attack Evolution."

The intelligent design versus evolution debate is often filled with cringe moments. I cringe when I hear evolutionists put their ignorance of intelligent design on full display in their attacks. It becomes obvious that they have not researched ID because of the fallacies embedded in many of their arguments.

Unfortunately, the same is true on the other side. Sometimes ID defenders and creationists make arguments that cause me to cringe as well. I recently had someone tell me that she has trained her kids to laugh whenever someone tells them that evolution is true or the earth is millions of years old. She then asserted that the scarcity of moon dust proved evolution was wrong.

Rather than mocking the other side, Tom has a better idea. Avoid the three most serious mistakes:

1. Speaking Of What We Do Not Know
2. Speaking Without Respect and Courtesy
3. Not Speaking of What We Do Know


Thank you for the link and the encouraging words, Jeff.
Who believes in intelligent design? A majority of Protestant physicians, for one. Less than 40% of total physicians are persuaded that a naturalistic framework is sufficient to explain the origin and complexity of life. Given that physicians vastly outnumber PhD level biologists, it is possible that a majority of all scientists do not accept evolution with all of its implications.
I'll second that recommendation. That is one excellent post. Thank you for linking to it, Jeff.
Those are good tips for any sort of debate or heated discussion, not just for ID vs evolution. Thanks for the good read.

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