Say it ain't so, Mary Ann!

Dawn_wells For my generation, the question was always, "Ginger or Mary Ann?"

I was solidly in the Mary Ann camp. She was so . . . grounded . . . so real . . . so . . . stoned.


If only she'd seen the Vatican's new list of sins in time.

(Image © AP)


LeeQuod: I'm sure Mary Ann had her reasons . . .
Naw, Ginger would use an entirely different approach, Dave: This also provides evidence that Mary Ann wasn't so saintly even back then. But maybe you were just too enamored to notice.
Dear Ginger After all these years, I am shocked to Learn that you are still angry at me. Let's bury the Hatchet, shall we? Even so, are you the real Ginger? No, I don't think so.
Well, your taste is - and has evidently always been - utterly misguided. And, resultingly, wholly subpar. And now you must pay with grave disappointment. I feel no pity for you. (By the way, I am Catholic and love collecting militaria. Your loss.)
Wow, who knew Ginger could hold a grudge for that long??

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