Whose Kingdom Does He Want to Come?

Regarding Rowan Williams's ideas on how to advance Islam in your own country: Oh my. Where does one begin? The fantasy that Islam in no way seeks to dominate wherever it is found? That Sharia law is a beautiful construct simply misapplied in every Muslim nation, but can be salvaged by those who really understand its merits in England? That we have the top leader of a major denomination using his position to advance not the Kingdom of Christ, but of Mohammad? That we just need to understand Sharia law a bit better and not pay attention to the terrible media coverage? That Muslim women may soon have two forms of government (Brit law and Sharia law) to prevent them from accessing justice?

God have mercy.


As the London Telegraph said: "The Muslims who are interested in reaching a compromise on religious matters are not the ones trying to impose sharia, and those interested in imposing sharia law aren't interested in compromising on a single particle of the religious principles of Islam they believe to be embodied in sharia." In isolation, one might be able to pass off Rowan's comments as simply naive. Viewed in context, its much more, a marker of how toothless the Church of England has become. In London, more people attend mosque this week than will sit in a COE pew. The COE, like other western churches in the Anglican Communion, desperately needs an old style revival, spurred by an unqualified proclamation of the Gospel. Yet Rowan continues to head in the opposite direction.
Dennis, I understand people are saying that. Though, unfortunately I suppose, mere repetition of a statement is not enough for me. If you've got something more substantial to offer, I would listen. In the meantime, I'll remain unconvinced. I don't feel the need to jump the gun in smearing an entire population of people.
Well I'm sure Starbucks would be against it. There is a story on Foxnews.com about an American businesswoman arrested in a Starbucks as she drank coffee with a man. Her crime? Sitting in a Starbucks drinking coffee with a man she is not related to. Yeah that's all we need to do is understand Shaira law better. I think we already do. And Brian as far as not being sold on Islam being inherently bent on domination; well yeah they are.
Seriously. Well put. I'm not quite sure I'm sold that Islam is inherently a religion bent on domination in ways that other religions, including Christianity, are not, but still... I think I'm still reeling hours after first reading the article.
Jeff wrote: "God have mercy." Indeed, because Allah has none.

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