Life Lessons for Macbethian Inmates

I have to hand it to the Patuxent Correctional Facility in Maryland for their excellent approach to corrections. What amazes me is that prison officials allowed one of the most darkest and violent Shakespearean plays to be performed within prison walls... something other institutions would have lazily prohibited in the name of safety. At least one actor couldn't help wondering "about the violence and how that will go over with the inmates."

Yet as one prison psychologist realized,

Lessons about decision-making and consequences are injected into almost every facet of prison life... so a play exploring murder and its consequences would fit right in.

As Kim says, brilliant!

So what gives at Patuxent? It's not surprising to discover that the facility is set apart from all other state correctional institutions... in more ways than one. The facility rightfully emphasizes treatment rather than just "punishment" with its charges, and as a result can boast of a 0% rate of recidivism three years after parole. Yeah, zero. Last time I checked, most other correctional institutions report recidivism rates of 65% and higher. Hmmm, maybe Patuxent is doing something right...


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