'Man vs. Wild'

Manvswild Allen -- if you need a testosterone chaser after watching all of that Dancing with the Stars, you should check out Discovery Channel's Man vs. Wild. Bear Grylls, who has summited Everest, served in the British special forces, and sailed across the North Sea, gets dropped into various survival situations (an island in the Pacific, or the swamps of the Everglades) and has to find his way out. He's amazing. He doesn't talk much about his faith on the show, but mentions it on his web site:

My Christian faith: high mountains and my time in the military taught me that it takes a proud man to say he needs nothing, and I need my faith.

In one of the episodes he stopped in the middle of the Ecuadoran jungle to ponder the extravagance of God (he seems to be a theistic evolutionist), which was so refreshing. (And, okay, I have a tiny crush -- who doesn't?)

They'll be replaying several shows from the first season over the next few days. Check it out!

(Image courtesy of the Discovery Channel)


Don't forget Survivorman. I think it actually pre-dates "Man vs Wild". He actually travels alone, doing all his own videography while Bear gets followed around by a film crew. More testosterone but Les Stroud probably isn't as handsome as Bear (women can debate that).
Oh, I'll go for Mythbusters. Iron Chef, Scrapyard Wars, Wild isn't bad, of course, except he does dumb things I wouldn't, Good Eats, modern Marvels, cool stuff like that. When I'm not on Sci Fi. LOl
Man vs. Wild happens to be one of my favorite shows on cable TV. Another high testosterone show that Allen, me and other hunkcicles should see is "Last One Standing." Its Discovery Channels's version of Ultimate Fighter- a match fight between modern city men against local tribesmen.
Curious. He is kind of nerdy. Since Dancing With the Stars is essentially a floor show, why would a guy need even more testosterone released?
Well, here's where not-having-cable is a stinker, I admit. But I did catch an episode on a business trip lately, and I agree: that is one tough dude. What's with these former Brit special-ops guys revolutionizing TV, by the way? First Mark Burnett, now Bear Grylls ... huh. Also: Bear Grylls?? How cool is that name? I'm thinking I might need to change my own name to T-rex Crushburgh or something. (Although he's got a bit cooler background to back up the cool name ... I might sound too much like a poser). Don't think any of this will excuse the DWTS bit, though, Lori. I'm keeping a list. And there will come a time when all will be paid back ... oh yes....
Ha! I'm sure his lovely wife will appreciate that!
*Screams in her so-junior-high voice* LORI HAS A CRUSH ON BEAR!

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