McGrath/Hitchens debate

Alister McGrath and Christopher Hitchens (author of God is Not Great) will be debating tonight at Georgetown University in an event sponsored by the Ethics and Public Policy Center. The event is full (apparently it filled up in the summer!) but video will be available on the EPPC web site after the event, and it's being filmed by C-SPAN to be run later.


Yeah, they were supposed to have it up on the web site, but looks like it's not there yet.
darn... i cant find any audio or video of this debate... i CANT WAIT TO SEE IT!!!
Also - I found out this morning that C-SPAN decided not to film the debate, so it will only be available via EPPCs website later this week.
More Greek alphabet and intelligent arthropods? Lawks a mussey.
Thanks, Gene. I'll make the correction.
The URL should be not; that is the website of the East Peoria Chamber of Commerce!
Oh, my bad -- thanks!

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