Materialism - Religion = Violent Crime?

The numbers are in and the results are disheartening: violent crime is on the rise. Should we be surprised?

Those in the political arena certainly aren't: the FBI is howling at the White House, and presidential hopefuls are loaded with new ammunition against the Bush Administration. I should've known it would be the President's fault. But politics aside, should we be surprised at the rate of crime in America?

Violent crime is a sad reality, but it's existance shouldn't be surprising. It's the promised result of a deteriorating moral structure in a materialistic world. As I was mulling over likely causes of the rising crime rates, I couldn't help but think about the brilliant words of Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America (one of my all-time favorite books, BTW).

De Tocqueville warned that a lack of religious beliefs in our democratic nation would eventually turn Americans into materialistic monsters.


Oh dear. Thanks so much Melodee for catching my error! All I can say is that all of us at The Point owe so much to Gina for her remarkable editing skills...
(Begin humorous hysterical rant, with a twinkle in my eye.) Luck?!?!!? LUCK???!!!?!?!!?? You heretic! You're hereby demoted to Pointifex Minima, and sentenced to re-read ALL of R.C. Sproul's books until you recant!! And shame on you for ever watching the movie "Free Willy"; the title should have told you all you needed to know to avoid it! (End humorous hysterical rant, as eye twinkle fades somewhat.) Personally, I think you're very gifted and thorough - but I wouldn't want to come across as fawning or anything, lest Allen see and wonder about my virility.
Well, a lot of that is just sheer dumb luck, to tell you the truth. :-) Sometimes I manage to get away with mistakes that nobody happens to notice! But thanks.
You edit every blog entry, and this is one of the few caught by someone else? I'm truly thunderstruck, Gina.
You're right, Melodee -- my fault. I missed it in the editing process. I'll make the correction.
You were "mulling" over rising crime rates, right? Sorry, but "mauling" would be violent........... Excellent article.
I agree. With no restraint on behavior or get away with whatever you can attitudes, we are progressing towards a lawless land. It's very sad. Now we have the "hate crimes" laws which will imprison those who stand up for moral rights and wrongs.
Lee, I just did see. And I do so wonder. Very, VERY disappointing! Though the bonus points for humor based upon free agency versus Calvinism may offset my disappointment about your shameless fawning. Just don't do it again.

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