How Do You Like the Scenery?

Cautionswerving2 I consider myself a safe driver. While I may not follow the rules “to a T" (I have had a few crazy experiences), I am in control of my car and prefer it that way. It’s hard for me to sit in the passenger seat and let someone else drive, especially when I’m not 100 percent confident that we’ll get back out in one piece!

When this happens to me (only occasionally), I find myself, sadly, not relaxing but instead pressing the floor as hard as I can with my foot in hopes that we will stop in time before hitting the car in front of us. I’ve been thinking about this lately. I need to relax more and trust that my friends know what they’re doing! They have been doing this just as long as me, if not longer!

I think this is just the same with God. The question is: Do I trust that God knows what He’s doing? More importantly, Does He know where He’s taking me?

The answer: Of course He does! But the question for me is will I let Him drive and take me to a destination that only He knows, and enjoy the scenery as we go?

Jen Marshall addresses this struggle.


Talk about the scenic route! I went from being a home-owning grandmother in Iowa with plans of having the kids and grandkids visit me often, to losing everything and moving with my Swedish citizen husband to Stockholm! I fought the change and was depressed and miserable, until I finally let God know that I understood that He brought me here for a reason, and I was going to stop being angry and let Him show me. I am much happier now, and the peacefulness of my life has helped me to lower stress and become used to my new life as a disabled person. I will never doubt Him again, at least not consciously. I have "let go and let God!"

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