Funny Typo of the Day

Dear Point readers,Big_hair

While checking the Yahoo news reports for the local news of my home state, Minnesota, I ran across this lovely lead (which has since been fixed). While embarrassing, it may be funny, and perhaps partly true.

“Parts of Minnesota - already walloped by heavy rains and damaging winds over the weekend - could face large hair, tornadoes and flooding Monday afternoon and evening, the National Weather Service said [emphasis mine].”

Now, can you spot the problem?

I have to admit, I laughed out loud when I read this. Like I said . . . large hair might very well be a result of humid, wet, stormy weather, but trust me, as a journalist, there’s a big difference between large hair and large hail.

Spell-check, unfortunately, won’t catch this one, because “hair” is a word. One might wish spell-check understood context. Maybe that’s the wave of the future.



Typos -- gotta love 'em. At my place of business we use Lotus Notes for email. It has a spell-checker whose sometimes humorous fallibility was put on display when a colleague sent out a note to a customer. The note was supposed to say, "Sorry for the inconvenience", but the employee writing the note could not spell "inconvenience" and let Lotus Notes default to the word that it thought the employee was trying to spell. The result? The note to the customer read: "Sorry for the incontinence." True story.
*chuckle* The picture goes well with the emphasis. Well-chosen!
Even with context checking I doubt a computer would catch it - there's nothing grammatically wrong with the sentence. As to there being no damage to cars - imagine having to explain to your mechanic that your Civic has a hairball...
The hair wouldn't do so much damage to the crops and cars, though. . . ;-)

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