More on the Interstate Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis, Minnesota

To start off this blog, if any of you don’t know, I am from the lovely state and land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota, and have spent much of my life around the Twin Cities area.

As was briefly mentioned earlier, last night during rush hour traffic (around 6:05 p.m.), one of Minnesota’s main bridges, I-35W, which connects two parts of the city of Minneapolis, collapsed. You can read all about it almost anywhere on the Internet, but here are the accounts of two of our local newspapers, the Minneapolis Star Tribune and St. Paul Pioneer Press.

I want to ask all of you to pray, pray, pray for Minnesota; for the people, surviving and, tragically, killed, who were involved in the collapse of the 35W bridge, and their families; as well as the rescue workers and clean-up crews who now have a very sad, hard, and dangerous job ahead of them.

This is a really hard and shocking time for many of us as we try to figure out what happened and what caused the bridge to collapse, and most importantly, why, and why now? I know I’ve driven across that bridge many times, and all I could think about last night was my friends and family and how I wanted to be with them now, just to make sure everyone’s safe. I’m here in Washington, D.C., and can’t do a thing. I probably couldn’t do anything if I was back in Minnesota either, but I know I’d feel better if I were.

I guess prayer is all we can do at the moment. I must admit, even though I’m not directly affected, since everyone I know is as far as I know accounted for, still, I’m a little high-strung today and obviously in shock. Who would have thought that bridge would collapse? In my state, near my home, even near my school (from which I recently graduated)! It’s crazy, living there all my life and never having something happen until the one time I’m away from home for an extended period of time and not able to do a thing. It kills. I want to help so bad.


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