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Fatherbrown I'm running behind on our book blogging. I spent a good bit of last week at CBA (otherwise known as the International Christian Retail Show) and got behind on everything. Thankfully, I didn't see any Jesus action figures, though there were plenty of other um... interesting products.

This summer I'm reading Chesterton's Father Brown: The Essential Tales. (Allen -- you start with Orthodoxy, I'll start with mystery stories! ;-) )

The first Chesterton I read was a wonderful introduction he did to one of Austen's juvenile stories, Love and Freindship [sic]. I happened to find it at the Chawton House Library during a day of decidedly non-scholarly research, and thought to myself, Oh, right, I need to read more Chesterton.

I am four pages in, and I'm loving it already. (Of course, I had to pry myself away from re-reading the last Harry Potter before tonight's big release.) It's one of those books I got from the library but now want to own all for myself. 

The biographical notice at the front informed me that Chesterton dropped out of college to freelance fulltime, that he wrote just about anything and everything -- poetry, plays, biographies (including one of Dickens, which I may read -- perhaps I would find his life more compelling than his writing -- ha!), theology, and fiction. He was revered by Auden and C.S. Lewis and T.S. Eliot.

At any rate, I am hooked. Do you have a favorite Father Brown story? I welcome your recommendations. Or if you're looking for a great summer read -- buy this book and join the conversation!


Oh, right, that reminds me, I need to read more Chesterton. I've read Orthodoxy, which I loved.

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