Re: Too white to be a good place to live

Anne -- I want to challenge you on this a bit. I have found in my own life that race isn't much of an issue. I don't care what color anyone's skin is. But, unfortunately, I am much more comfortable (and thus more welcoming, and more loving in some way) with people who share my socio-economic status -- my education level and middle-class financial background.

I believe this is not entirely healthy, and something that I need to work on. I think it's something our suburban culture encourages. We all live with the same kind of people, which means that we are insulated from other ways of life and other needs. Al Hsu addresses this a bit in his book, Suburban Christian

I think it might be healthier for me to live in a more diverse area. Or, if I stay in the suburbs, I need to find more ways to reach out and understand others. (Not saying that you don't reach out to others, of course! I just think our suburban environment can make this more challenging, because we have to work to see and understand need.)


Lori, I'm glad you recognize that you need to work on this. My dad is not comfortable with people in a higher socio-economic rank than him and it has really limited his friendships. Don't let it hold you back. I personally think the biggest prejudice in our society right now is age. This comes mostly from our education system which never teaches or allows kids to interact with people of varied ages.
Thanks, Anna. I'm not worried about being held back, but about not reaching out to and understanding the needs of the poor. We are insulated from poverty in suburbia.

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